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Key Provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

| Nathan R. Olansen |
As you might expect, I receive a ton of questions every day about how the new tax law is going to affect individual, busin…

Frequently Asked Probate Questions

| Stephanie C. Smith |
Clients who are appointed to handle a loved one’s estate often feel overwhelmed upon the death of their loved one. The pro…

Adult Guardianships and Conservatorships in Virginia

When people hear the word “guardian,” they often think of an adult authorized to make decisions on behalf of a child. It i…

Why to Create a Supplemental Needs Trust After Settlement

It may be hard for a prevailing plaintiff to imagine that winning a personal injury judgment or settlement could make it m…

Planning Your Estate: It’s Not Just About Taxes

| John T. Midgett |
So many people I have talked with have expressed some concern for my career as an estate planner.  They felt that the incr…

How To Find A Competent Estate Planning Attorney

| John T. Midgett |
The following questions were designed to help individuals find competent tax and estate planning counsel in states, such a…

How Much Does A Simple Will Cost?

| John T. Midgett |
We are frequently asked “How much do you charge for a Simple Will?” Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Asking a law…

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning: Frequently Asked Questions

| John T. Midgett |
Where should I keep my will? Where you keep your will is not of great importance as long as it is in a safe place. Many pe…

Family Limited Partnerships & How They Work

| John T. Midgett |
In 1953, Sam and Helen Walton put what little assets they had into a family partnership that included their four children….
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