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Treasury Issues the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application

| Nathan R. Olansen |
Hot off the press, Treasury has issued the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application (SBA Form 3508). The 11-page application (we k…

Coronavirus Updates

We hope you and your families are remaining healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rest assured, we remain open an…

Dealing with Social Security during a Disability

| John T. Midgett |
People who have executed a durable general power of attorney think that “anything I can do, my agent can do as well”. Whil…

COVID-19; Have a Hospital Bag Ready To Go

| Nathan R. Olansen |
If you must go to the emergency room and are admitted to the hospital forcoronavirus, you will be in isolation. You cannot…

Individual Tax Relief Provided by the CARES Act

| Nathan R. Olansen |
You may be wondering about some of the recent tax changes meant to help everyone coping with the Coronavirus fallout.  We …

FMLA and Emergency Paid Sick Leave Changes on April 2nd

| Nathan R. Olansen |
Changes to the FMLA and Emergency Paid Sick Leave Become Effective April – is Your Business Prepared? We hope that you and…

Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act

Key provisions affecting individuals: Repeal of the maximum age for traditional IRA contributions. Before 2020, traditiona…

Personal Liability for Debts of a Deceased Family Member

| John T. Midgett |
Are you worried about the financial implications of the death of a parent or other family member? Have you received a call…

CFO Liable for Uncollected Payroll Taxes

| Nathan R. Olansen | ,
Many business owners, CFOs, and other persons with authority over payroll, are unaware that failing to properly withhold a…
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