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How Long Do Creditors Have to Make a Claim Against an Estate

| Ann H. Larkin |
Many people assume that creditors have one year from the date of death to make a claim against an estate. However, in Virg…

Guide to the Probate Process and How It Works

| Nathan R. Olansen |
Probate, the official process of authorizing a will, can take several months to a couple of years. If you have a large est…

Transferring a Property With a Mortgage Into a Trust

Most of the population who own homes are not yet “free and clear.” If you own one or multiple homes, when doing your estat…

Domestic Partners Estate Planning in Virginia

If you and your significant other are unmarried but live together, it is essential to know that you are not receiving the …

Power of Attorney Fiduciary Duties

A power of attorney (POA) is a document used in estate planning that gives someone agent’s authority to make decisions for…

How an Asset Protection Trust Protects Your Assets

No matter how much money, real estate, and other assets you own, one of your goals will always be to protect those assets….

Crypto Assets Estate Planning in Virginia

Cryptocurrency has existed in various forms since the 1980s, but it only became widely popular about a decade ago. Now, th…

How To Fund Revocable Trusts At Death And Avoid Probate

| John T. Midgett |
How property is titled determines in large part the manner in which that property will be transferred upon the owner’s dea…

How Estate Planning Works

| John T. Midgett |
Life Insurance, Annuities & Trusts For most families, life insurance is an important tool in an estate plan. Its uses …
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